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“Alright, let’s try one more time.”, Albert said.

His hand reached to place an empty water bottle to an upright position, centered on a small dusty coffee table. He smiled to his granddaughter, who jumped up off the floor next to him.

“I’m pushing it super far this time!”, she announced. She thrusted her arms towards the table. The bottle buckled under pressure, and the crackle of snaps echoed through the room. Like the sound, the bottle bounced off the walls. As sudden as its launch, it stopped, it calmly floated in air. Albert had lifted his hand to stop the bottle. It gently lowered back down on the table, and he chuckled, “Okay okay okay, you can play now.”

The young girl had already bounced out the room and started humming a nostalgic tune. A tune from Albert’s youth.
“I'm breaking in, shaping up,
then checking out on the prison bus
This is it...the apocalypse…”

A loud thud sounded off in the distance. The room rumbled, and dust fell from the ceiling. Albert dropped down, his body too frail to fight the tremors. When the area was stable again, Albert blew the dust off of himself. He remained on the ground and allowed his body some rest.

Chapter 1: The Welcome Wagon

In the back of an old orange punch buggy, our young Evelyn snored. A snore that would’ve been praised by vikings. The little car raised into the air and dropped back down. The shock jolted Evelyn awake. She sat up, yawned and scratched her hair. There was a light tap on the window. People! Evelyn was a bit surprised, she hadn’t seen another person in weeks, and here were multiple.
Eve squeezed her way to the driver’s side seat and opened the door. “Yo.”, she greeted. The man, who stood directly in front of her, frowned, “Yo? Your parents ever teach you manners?”
“Yes, your parents ever teach you to not levitate cars and drop them?”
A few muffled chuckles were heard from behind. A quick glance back silenced the source. He continued sternly, “At least mine don’t make me sleep in cars.”
“At least mine taught me how to tie my shoes.”
As the man looked down, Eve shoved his head further down and jumped out over him. She used her butt to bump him into the car, and she rocketed a few stories into the air. The squad that surrounded the car all looked up as she shouted, “PUNCH BUGGY!” Eve raised her fist above her head. A couple men grabbed the man in the car and pulled him out, as she swung her hand down. The roof of the car collapsed, and the wheels popped simultaneously.
“BYE BYE!”, she yelled as she sped off. Her hair straightened out as she flew over the desolated city. Eve glanced back and saw 3 pursuers. She dropped down between two buildings. Her pursuers dropped through the same spot, but she was no where to be seen. They split in a coordinated manner.
Inside a building, Eve disturbed the dust. She watched in silence as the shadows outside dispersed. She sighed a breath of relief, too soon. The building shook around her. She flew back out the window, as the entire building broke apart. Her punch buggy friend was on the ground, and he levitated all the pieces of the structure higher and higher. Eve rolled her eyes, “One trick pony.” The pieces all targeted her. She looked down towards the man responsible and smirked. She disappeared and reappeared behind her attacker. “It’s not nice to hit girls.”
He lifted his elbow, as he spun to hit her. Eve turned with him, making sure to remain behind him. She tripped him. Before he fell, he flew up and regained his balance, “LISTEN Y-”
“NO!” Eve rocketed into the air, she laughed as she blasted off into another direction again.
Three people ran up to the man.
“Captain Lewis.”
“What? What is it?”
“The telekinetics set up the perimeter around the city.”
“Get telepaths to set an anti-teleport field too.”
“Right away!”

One person flew off. Lewis faced the remaining two, “The girl’s a hybrid. Telekinesis and teleportation. She may also be a telepath.” They looked at the captain shocked, “Three powers?”
“Possibly all four.”
“Is-Is that possible?”
“Yes, although it’s rare, it is possible to have all four powers.” Lewis looked at them with seniority before asking, “Are you two new?”
“Well, welcome aboard.”

Chapter 2: Another Wall

Eve landed and decelerated into a steady pace. She was always able to fit in time for herself, even when being pursued. The city around her was old, ironic that this was once called the New World. The buildings had crumbled. The streets and sidewalks were shifted on cracks. Lampposts had tilted and traffic lights had fallen. For Eve, there was always a subtle beauty in all this chaos. There was once animated routine through these streets, and electricity fueled it all. She use to hear stories from her grandfather about cities that didn’t have constant war. Stories about the sun, a huge ball of fire that lit up the sky. Such a time fascinated her. The only remnants of that era were the ruins around her and the .mp3s of songs the people of that time use to listen to.

Evelyn was unlike all the other children in her youth. She showed an affinity to telepathy when she was a toddler. She would gather information about the world around her from elders and marvelled in how so many complexities became so simple. Evelyn loved to learn, and telepathy made it easy for her. She also, unknowingly, stored any excess information in a mental library. With age being a limitation, this mental library resurfaced in her future development.
Her grandfather helped her realize her telekinetic capabilities. He would have her practice on small objects and actually slowed her progress. Little time passed before young Evelyn threw a car at a bully. It was at this time that she was abducted and sent to a prodigal learning facility. Separated from her grandfather, she threw many tantrums. Being limited by her strength, she decided to use the facility’s resources to hone her skills.
When Evelyn was a young teen, she allowed her curiosity to expand her capabilities in an unthinkable leap. She discovered her teleportation powers, when she one day attempted to fly faster. Teleporters were normally challenged when they attempted to teleport themselves, but Evelyn achieved this feat immediately. She wanted this to be her ticket out of the facility, but was limited once again. Teleporters can’t teleport to places they can’t see. Evelyn hypothesized that it is possible to teleport to an unseen location, but it required an active imagination.
In her efforts, she discovered her Clairvoyant ability. Although it didn’t coincide with her hypothesis, it was a solution. Evelyn knew that if she were ever captured after her escape, there would be no second chance. She gathered as much information as she could on the outside world over the next few years, though her vision was limited to Europe. This ability had a major consequence. She awoken to a nightmare; one that showed her home being destroyed. It did not take long for her to realize what she was observing was not a figment of her imagination. Without knowing how to control her powers, she was forced to observe her past being destroyed. Her home town was burnt down. The faces she had once passed daily, desperately fought an uphill battle. Babies that have grown into young children, massacred in line after their parents. All the elders that had once guided her, cornered like frighten prey. Her grandfather, taken within a crowd. His face could’ve gone unnoticed, but Eve recognized his in the masses. A single shining point wiped out in the middle of an acquainted mob. The ground beneath the town, buried buildings. The fires scarred the earth. Eve, confined helplessly in her cell, drowned in the memories that refused disappear. She became isolated with her own mind, she refused the chance to ever see those acts slightly replayed.. This drastic event in her life supported the growth of a split personality. As her mind took its time to cope, her body occupied itself with rigorous practices.
The facility that held her was a part of a European New World Order faction. This wasn’t a surprise to Eve, rather it fueled her distaste for the place. When she recuperated enough from her trauma, she escaped. It was then she realized how big the world actually was. She travelled to the Atlantic coast, and she realized she had no way to cross the ocean successfully. A huge blunder that made her map out a course across Asia and to the Pacific coast. Eve planned to gather enough experience and resources to pave a road to Hawaii. This proved to be as optimistic as her first plan, but also as unsuccessful. A faction, known as the Golden Horde, campaigned across Asia. This made any kind of travel violent. Eve decided to turn this hinderance into a blessing. She became a mercenary for a few months and gained enough funds to travel across the Atlantic.
She successfully escaped the wars of the eastern hemisphere. In the Americas, she searched for the cities of her youthful fairytales. Unfortunately, all she found was more war. The western hemisphere labeled their conflicts ‘Civil’ wars. They would call truces when foreign invaders attempted to join their conflict, but would return to fight each other afterwards.
After her initial disappointment, Eve pushed forth a new goal. She was still fascinated by the past, so she travels the world and searched for the information she yearned for. Rumors of her presence had not gone unnoticed. With all four powers, she was one in a billion. Such a powerful being was not trusted by anyone, for if they matured, they could control the will of countries on a whim. She carried many burdens and responsibilities, but she knew nothing could stop her.

Eve jumped up into the air. Not too much further ahead of her was layers of barriers. Before she charged forward, a voice sounded in her head.

You have no where to run.
“Very original.”
This isn’t a game. Your trespassing onto foreign soil.
Whatever, YOU’RE illegally trespassing.
“No, not whatever. You can’t even think properly in your own language.”
The issue here is you.
“Not really, you’re representing your people, and you suck at it.”
“Surrounded? I don’t have to break every single side, just one.”
This is your fina-

“Ah, serenity.”, Eve said after she severed the connection. She wished telepathy was similar to science fiction, where a stronger telepath can immediately block out weaker ones. She looked up at the barriers ahead of her. She hadn’t need to destroy the entire prison that held her. She didn’t fight every battle in a war. She just did what was needed. There was no need to break the cage that surrounded her. She just had to break through another wall.

Chapter 3: A Light Heart

Eve teleported straight to the edge of the barrier. Lined in front of her was over 50 soldiers and at the head, Lewis. He marched forward to receive her.

“Yo punch buggy! I knew you’d be here.”, Eve greeted.
“You’re...overconfident as ever.”
“At least I know how to have fun.”
“Your fun is breaking the law and order the world is trying to rebuild.”
“The same law and order that destroyed the world and raised me.”

Before Lewis could respond, Evelyn flew back. The buildings behind Evelyn raised into the sky, they crumbled from the chaotic shifts in their foundations. The remaining platoon of soldiers spread out into a larger formation. Evelyn levitated well above them, and the pieces of architecture behind her floated like clouds. Lewis commanded, “DO NOT HESITATE!”
As the platoon of soldiers stepped forward, Evelyn set the giant masses of rubble in the sky ablaze. The embodiment of ‘fire and brimstone’ presented in front of soldiers forced them all a few steps back. Lewis, however, rocketed closer.

“OH, SO NOOOOOW you want to wait!”
I have an offer!
“Are you’re really trying to talk it out now?!”
“10 seconds. Then, it rains.”
Diplomatic immunity! You can go around doing whatever you wa-
“I can already do that.”
We can give you food and a bed.
“I could just take them”
You can do it without looking like an a-
“TIME!”, Evelyn yelled as the fire in the sky began to fall.

For everyone, but Evelyn, time seemed to stop. Ruins of a fiery dystopia hung still in the air. Half the platoon had ran off. The other half may have, but their fear paralyzed them. Evelyn smlied at Lewis, “Are you trying to command me?” Shocked at the sudden change of pace, Lewis hesitated. Evelyn gave Lewis the extra time he needed to gather his thoughts.

Evelyn repeated, “Are you trying to command me?”
You can’t be reasoned with. We can’t fight you. We couldn’t even beg or bargain.
“Yes, you were very wishy washy.”
In the end-
“Since the beginning, every problem you guys had with me boiled down to your lives.”

Evelyn extinguished the flames and piled the rubble back behind her. She floated closer to Lewis and stated, “Remember! Every enemy you make is like you. If you don’t, you’ll end up looking like me in front of them.” Lewis remained speechless before her.
Eve drifted past him, and before she left for good. “OH! One more thing!” She spun at an angle and right before she hit him, “PUNCH BUGGY!”


As more time passed, Evelyn became more well known throughout the world. She controlled nations without ever have conquered a single one. Her research worldwide became a story every scientist acquainted themselves with. The severity of war caused generations of history to be lost and nearly forgotten. Though the story she found was not of the utopia she hoped for, she continues her search for knowledge.

Telepathic and Telekinetic research belonged in the realm of science fiction for many scholars in the past. Small tests and unverifiable research motivated the few that looked for a future in the field. One day, however, a child in Africa showed a minor affinity for telekinesis. Though it was minor, at the time, it was the only form of physical evidence that proved such a mutation in the human genome existed.
Taken from his home, the child was tested and researched outside the public eye. The 3rd generation of test subjects possessed a much more advanced affinity for both telekinesis and telepathy. It was through this generation that scientists created a compound that reproduced the mutation. Its reproduction was only possible when developed from a fetus, therefore, a parent had to have possessed the dormant mutation and their child would have had a chance at the active state.
Most scientists at the time wished to create a larger batch of subjects for further study. Unfortunately, a pair of radical scientists reproduced their own samples. These samples were released into the general public. The drug spread was vast, and the first generation of psionic humans were born.
Governments around the world applied laws which regulated this generation. Radical psionic groups appeared near the end of the first generation. Many were violent. Unable to combat powerful psionics, political boundaries were drastically altered.
By the third generation of psionics, pacifistic groups attempted to create a link of common understanding between all humans. Their plan was to mass induce a sense of united awareness worldwide. This backfired dramatically. With the intent of sharing various personal accounts of numerous beliefs, they created a massive amount of instantaneous and swift depression. People reacted negatively to the realization of their original beliefs being harmful to the new. People were unable to cope with sudden depression also fell to anxiety.
In an attempt to fix their mistake, they used high leveled empaths to alter the world's state of mind to become calmer. This backfired as well.
An unimaginable spike in the world's suicide rate occurred in the years that followed. Many unforeseen variables also led to WWIII, which lasted a few weeks. Psionics took responsibility for the rashness of the radical pacifists. Nuclear fallout zones were compressed towards their respective epicenters and quarantined telekinetically. The wound left on the remainder of the world population was not left to heal peacefully. Humans scattered and formed numerous New World Order Factions.
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